Jake's Leg

China Cat Sunflower

October, 1999

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This recording was done live at Twenty North, a club which is no longer around. We recorded the last three nights down there to create Jake's Leg's second live album. Most of the microphones for this recording were shared between live sound and recording needs, split through a transformer isolated snake and sent to both mixing boards. The recording was done on ADAT (8-track digital) tape. Drums and background vocals were each sub-mixed live, while all the other mics went to independent tracks on tape. Mixdown was fairly simple, with mild compression on bass, lead vocal, and drum tracks, and a little reverb added primarily to the vocals. Final mastering to CD-R was done through the computer. The album, "Live At Twenty North," is availabe from the band or in local stores.

For more info on Jake's Leg, write Joe Trunko: jltrunko@email.msn.com