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Vigortone Records is the record label for Lynn "Chirps" Smith, who you can hear play if you go the Projects/Project Four page of this website and click the MP3 link.

Full Compass Catalog This actually goes to their links page for quick access to countless pro-audio manufacturers' websites.

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Pics from Beowulf Recording sessions

Jive Ass Slippers old band website. J.A.S. is the now-defunct band that played a blend of rock, funk, and soul with hints of jazz. Beowulf Recording engineer Eric Schaefer was the drummer in this band. Their guitarist/singer Joe moved to San Diego summer 2005.

Hear more of Joe's work! This link will bring you a song that Joe wrote and played for a locally produced short film due out soon. Lindsey Smith wrote the lyrics and sang, and Eric Schaefer engineered.