Beowulf Recording is a small audio production company specializing in professional location music recording. Based in St. Louis, Beowulf Recording started out with only a few microphones, an eight-channel mixing board, and a DAT machine (2-track), mainly recording live jazz and blues. This experience taught the importance of capturing the energy of a live performance, which is so often lost in studio projects. Over the years, we have grown in equipment and experience. We have worked on everything from bluegrass and gospel projects in Webster University's Studio A to live recordings of jazz, funk, blues, rock, and choral groups. Beowulf Recording now offers a wide selection of microphones, a 16-channel board, and 8 tracks of multi-track recording on Tascam DTRS digital tape recorders (special arrangements can be made for 16-track recording as well). We also recently added a Tascam HD-P2 24-bit, 192kHz stereo field recorder, allowing for stereo recordings with greater fidelity and for access to truly remote locations which were previously inaccessible for recording.


Despite this growth, our approach has changed very little: the goal is to capture the true essence of performance. In most cases this means relatively few overdubs, quite a bit of stereo mic technique (2 mics for a group of sound sources instead of individual mics for each sound source), and the preservation of as much of a live feel as possible--even in closed sessions. Of course, different styles of music demand different approaches, and we are ready for anything, keeping an open mind and treating each project as a unique endeavor.

Location, Location, Location...

Beowulf Recording is not a studio. We record on location. You set the time and place for your recording, and we'll bring all the gear and record you on-site. The atmospere and acoustics of the location have a profound impact on the resulting recording. In some cases, this means that recording in your usual practice space is the best bet, because it is where you feel most comfortable. In other cases, a church or large auditorium is needed for its acoustics. In still other instances, a bar or nightclub sets the mood so that performances do not suffer from a dry, sterile studio environment. There isn't any environment that's perfect for every type of recording, which is why we work in as many different places as possible

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